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Company History

American Lumber Plant • Bryan, Texas

American Lumber Plant • Birmingham, Alabama

The Beginning

In 1986 American Lumber was founded as a small manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas. A few years later Barry Hendler expanded his operations into Mexico, establishing customers and manufacturing facilities (Maquiladoras) throughout Mexico. 


From the late 80’s through the mid 90’s, American Lumber saw continued growth throughout Mexico and the United States. In the Late 90’s two more Hendlers joined the American Lumber team. Hollie Hendler Gilleland joined the sales team while BJ Hendler opened a new manufacturing facility in Bryan, Texas.  A few years later, Hollie and BJ were joined by their younger brother, Joe Hendler, when he expanded our manufacturing abilities into the state of Alabama. These additions have allowed American Lumber to see unprecedented growth in both volume and into new geographic areas of the U.S.

Growth & Expansion

Through all of this time, American Lumber realized the need for “just in time deliveries”  and incorporated distribution centers into their supply chain along with adopting joint ventures with strategically aligned trucking companies. These freight abilities made it possible for American Lumber to not be solely dependent on outside freight companies. These changes have allowed American Lumber to not only better service our current customers, but also increase sales to both commercial yards and the customers that do not buy full truckloads.


Today American Lumber has sales people in six different locations and still does business throughout the entire U.S., Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. While there are four Hendlers involved in the day to day operations, the American Lumber “family” has grown to well over 100 people who strive to strengthen partnerships with customers and vendors every day! 


The American Lumber family makes it possible to meet it’s corporate objective every day:

“American Lumber's philosophy in meeting our corporate objective requires a committed work force working in an innovative environment in key areas such as outstanding customer service and providing quality products.”

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